Best Wireless Headphones 2024: Top Reviews

Bluetooth devices of various types are becoming more popular as there is a wider preference and a bigger consumer market currently for wireless products. Bluetooth headphones and headsets have been a huge part of this upward swing in the manufacturing and sales of Bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth headsets or earbuds are extremely convenient to use and are often preferred by people who are engaged in physical sports or exercise while also being an old favorite of individuals looking to kick back and relax with audio. The rapid growth in demand for wireless devices and gadgets has largely been a by-product of the demographic distribution, consisting largely of young people in developing countries, such as India and the wider sub-continent.

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The current market has quite a few options for people looking to get their hands on the best wireless headphones in India. Although having various opinions to choose from is a huge positive in many cases, it can become the opposite and cause some concern as well by creating confusion and indecision regarding which ones to go for. This is where we come in, with our years of experience in sales and tracking market patterns over the years, to determine major indicators. We will try and give you a comprehensive lowdown on wireless headphones that will enable you to learn more about these devices.

As a result of this guidance, we believe that you will get a far better understanding of which ones are worth your hard-earned money and what are the things to look out for. The best wireless headphones give you the prospect of consistent performance and great sound quality. Without wasting any more time, let’s now dive into the world of wireless headphones and the things that you should be mindful of while making your final choice.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Bluetooth Headphone in India?

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As we mentioned earlier, the wireless headphone market has exploded in India in recent years, and many individuals are now looking to buy the wireless variant instead of the standard wired headphones. There are several reasons why this is the case, and we will discuss some of these reasons in this section. Hopefully, this should give you a good idea as to why a wireless headphone is worth investing in and the benefits it will provide to you.

Of course, the first and most obvious advantage that a wireless Bluetooth headset brings you is the lack of wires… This is helpful in several ways, but most importantly, it is greatly beneficial as far as ergonomic considerations are concerned. Many of us have faced the issue of hanging wires while using wired headphones. Also, wires often get entangled with other objects and also within themselves, which makes it inconvenient to unwind. This entanglement issue could become a major hindrance to enjoying uninterrupted music on the go.

Another useful element that is associated with using wireless headphones is that you are not under any sort of obligation whatsoever to keep your smartphone or Bluetooth music player in your pocket. As long as your music player is at a distance where its Bluetooth signal is readable by the wireless headset, you should be good to go. Many people use wireless headphones during their intense workout sessions, as well as during traveling or adventure sports such as hiking, mountain biking, etc. Not only is the Bluetooth headphone perfectly designed for this purpose, but it is also great to wear in terms of a fashion statement and gives you the right vibes.

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Earbuds of the wireless variety come in different builds as far as the control element of the headphones is concerned. Most wireless headphones, however, are very simple and easy to control, with effective functions that are useful and will help you shuffle through your favorite tracks with the least amount of hassle. With these simple controls, you can get the most out of your wireless headphones.

Factors To Consider While Looking To Buy The Best Wireless Headphone In India

The best of the best when it comes to wireless headphones display the most exceptional traits. Underneath this section, we will try and outline some of the major themes that you should consider to give yourself the best chance of getting your hands on a fantastic pair of wireless earphones.

Level Of Technology

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A wireless Bluetooth headset is a modern device in every sense of the term. It exemplifies the progress at which technology has developed. The general perception that is common among most old-school headphone users is that sound travels much better through wires than through waves.

Although they are not necessarily wrong in that assessment; however, they did not account for the remarkable technological changes that would offset these apparent disadvantages. The introduction and widespread use of Aptx encoding technology has expanded the level of quality that wireless headphones can aspire to reach.

The technology allows sound to travel effectively without any loss in overall quality. Users should check whether the set of headphones they are looking at is equipped with this technology. This is especially pertinent for people who are looking for the highest grade of sound quality that they can hope to achieve from their wireless headphones.

Battery Backup

Any wireless device that runs for a length of time without any continuous external charging is bound to be judged by the quality of its battery, and this is the case for wireless headphones as well. The best wireless headphones in India are well known for having some of the best batteries, which are well-placed to give you hours upon hours of uninterrupted service and the best experience. These wireless varieties are much different from their wired counterparts, as they need to be charged periodically for usage… So make sure to choose a headphone that has a powerful battery that you think will be able to adapt itself to your usage requirements.

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The best wireless earphones have been known to sport some very powerful batteries which can shell out a consistently impressive performance. Wide varieties come with durable batteries that can run the device for more than 10 or 12 hours at a stretch. This is an especially important point, because continuous music playing tends to be very draining on the batteries, and it is crucial to have a good battery that can give you the best backup. This aspect is more critical for users who travel or are engaged in sports or exercise regimens that require them to train outdoors or in circumstances where frequent charging of the device is not possible.

Bass Quality

There are too many music lovers in the world today who rate the bass quality as the most important element before settling on any music-playing device – let alone wireless headphones in particular. Also, many modern genres of music are essentially based on the bass or the bass drop. Also, traditional music lovers, who like classical or even old-school rock, jazz, and blues, know and appreciate the difference that a good bass can make.

There is some notion among many audiophiles that the bass is not quite strong for wireless headphones as it is for wired ones. There is some credence to this argument, but we have to mention that most modern wireless headphones can provide a great bass punch. There are many major headphone brands, such as Sony and Bose, amongst others, who are well known for the powerful bass that their wireless headphones are capable of delivering. This is a factor that is often overlooked when people are lining up their choices of some of the best wireless headphones in India.

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Top 9 Best Wireless Headphones In India 2024

Bose QuietComfort 35

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Throughout this list, you will encounter impressive and highly-rated wireless headphones from some of the most well-known brands in the market. Bose is undoubtedly quite high on the popularity list, and it’s one of those celebrated international brands that have managed to establish themselves as pioneers of the industry all across the world. The Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones represent the best of Bose’s creative ingenuity when it comes to design and performance.

Noise cancellation features are one of the things which many audiophiles swear by when it comes to choosing the right headphones. If you are one of them, then you will be pleased to know that the Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are equipped with high-end superior noise cancellation technology that will let you enjoy your favorite tracks in peace.

This technology has been known for bringing a degree of total immersion in music and is therefore highly regarded as one of the best noise-canceling wireless headsets on the market. The noise cancellation element for this headphone set has been taken to a different level altogether by giving the intricate user control. For instance, there are three different levels of cancellation of noise that you can choose from. This allows you to adjust your unique requirements at different times and places based on your environmental surroundings.

Other impressive features which also merit some discussion are things such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, that is built-in. These features allow you to stay connected to the internet and give you the option of accessing hundreds and thousands of tracks – all at the touch of a button or a verbal command. This gives unrestrained access to numerous preset playlists and ones which you can compose at will whenever you wish to.

Another one of the pathbreaking features which have been included in this headset device is the Bose Augmented Reality platform. This is one of the first of its kind and is surely emerging as the USP of the product. This is the world’s very first audio-only augmented reality platform, which makes use of contextualized audio to deliver a unique experience that has hitherto not been explored by the industry. All you need to do to enjoy the remarkable experience of this feature is to unlock the AR system via a firmware update which you will be able to do from the Bose Connect application.

We have already spoken about the importance of battery life when it comes to any kind of wireless Bluetooth device, let alone headphones. Here also, the Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones manage to perch themselves atop a very favorable position. It can give you more than 18 to 20 hours of battery life in a fully charged condition.

The battery backup of this headset has another unique aspect. The headphones can give you an additional running time of around 2.5 hours or so after the 20-hour window is exhausted if you manage to quickly charge it for 15 minutes. Finally, for those rare occasions when your charge does get over and you can’t recharge it then, you can use the dedicated wire to plug in and keep enjoying your favorite tracks without worry.

Bose has been well known for the amount of clarity that its headphones can provide, even at higher levels of volume and bass. This is the major strength of this headset as well, as it is geared to produce maximum clarity – thanks to the presence of drivers that come with volume-optimized equalizers. This allows you to experience crisp and clear, balanced audio performance at different volumes, as well as a noise-rejecting dual-microphone system. The latter, in particular, is great for taking calls, as it provides clearer calls in all types of varying environments, including the noisiest ones.

All of the above discussions make it abundantly clear why this pair of headphones are worth every penny. They are equipped with all the standard mechanisms, as well as a few rare ones, which will go far in augmenting the overall quality of your day-to-day experience while using this device. We are sure that this one claims to be considered one of the best wireless headphones in India, and you should give it a try.

Sony WH-1000XM3

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Sony is our second brand on this list, which has a hefty reputation when it comes to producing some of the most efficient high, performance, and affordable electronic devices. It has developed an acute understanding of the different requirements of different markets and has managed to streamline its production techniques. The Sony WH-1000XM3 Industry-Leading Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones is one of the many wireless headsets that Sony has created, which have taken the market by storm.

This headset has a range of features to get you excited. The noise cancellation, as well as the adaptive sound control element, have been designed to give you the best possible experience. The noise cancellation element has been specifically designed to weed out unwanted outside noise and give you the most immersive experience that you can hope for. This is achieved thanks to the close-fitting ear pads, along with an HD Noise-Cancelling Processor QN1. Something that has captured the attention of users is the remarkably personalized noise cancellation that is geared towards managing and minimizing the sonic effects by head size, glasses, and hair.

Also, this headphone gives you a taste of smart technology, with features such as adaptive sound control that can automatically detect the level of outside noise and manage it appropriately without you having to do anything. Other smart features that make this device very versatile and convenient to use include elements such as Quick Attention, Voice Assistant compatibility, and touch control.

The Sony WH-1000XM3 comes with a QN1 sound processor, which is responsible for minimizing the signal-to-noise ratio and also lowering the distortion levels in the case of portable devices. Furthermore, as a consequence of the powerful 1.57″ drivers with Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) diaphragms, you can feel those insane bass drops and enjoy alternative musical genres such as hip hop, lo-fi, etc. This allows the headphones to cover the entire range of more heavy beats up to a maximum frequency of 40 kHz.

Among a few other ingenious aspects of this wireless headphone, we need to include the Sense Engine feature, which brings yet another magical element to this headset for users to enjoy. It essentially manages to give you the ability to change tunes or tune the device on or off at the simple touch of a button. The function of the Adaptive Sound Control is to automatically detect the nature of your activity such as walking, running, etc., and then fine-tune music delivery accordingly. It can also adjust the ambient sounds to your unique setting at any point in time.

Finally, we turn to the more design-oriented ergonomic aspects of the Sony WH-1000XM3, which have also been celebrated by the wider consumer community. The earpads on the insides of the headset are specially designed to relieve the most pressure, and this gives the sense of that light, airy feeling that so many of its users have fallen in love with.

Many headsets, especially wireless ones, make some compromises with the ear padding to cut costs to try and reduce the overall price of the product. This makes it difficult to put the headphones on and use them for long extended periods, and they tend to become more and more painful and uncomfortable for the ears. The swiveled foldable structure is another element that showcases the ergonomic versatility of this device. It allows you to pack up your device in a small space and is great for carrying around.

The presence of foamed urethane evenly distributes pressure all across the headset and manages to give the user a feeling of warmth and stability, that allows them to keep the headphones on for a length of time without any issues whatsoever. Along with the additional padding, you will surely enjoy the benefits of the enlarged ear space structure, which gives your ears plenty of room to breathe and not feel suffocated.

Another widely reported useful feature that this headphone provides is the ‘Talk at a Touch’ option, which allows you to communicate with the external physical world without having to remove your headsets altogether. All you need to do to achieve this is to place your hand or finger on the housing to turn the volume down, and you have the possibility of easy instant communication before turning the volume up again once you are done. This, coupled with the hands-free calling feature, makes this headset suitable for a lot more than just listening to music and audio.

Thus, all things considered, this is a must-have device for wireless headphone enthusiasts, as it gives you the potential for consistent performance and ticks all the major boxes that you would want it to. It is also available at a very pocket-friendly price, so you should not waste any more time and order it right away.

Marshall Major III 

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Coming in at the third position in this list of some of the best wireless headphones in India is the Marshall Major III Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones. This one is, in all probability, not as famous or widely popular as our last two, but it has certainly managed to pull some punches in the market over the last few years.

The main USP of this device is that it is equipped with superior Bluetooth aptX technology. If you remember, we mentioned the merits of this system before, and it is something that enhances the desirability of this model when compared to others in its price range. This technology manages to play music at a much higher bit rate. Not only this, but it also performs the added function of minimizing audio/video syncing issues, which allows you to watch videos and movies with perfect lip-syncing in place. It also gives you a really impressive Bluetooth range of around 30 meters approximately. This gives you further space to move around and does not restrict your freedom for the sake of maintaining the signal.

This one has a really good battery backup and can give you consistent, uninterrupted wireless playing time when it is in a fully charged condition. To operate the controls, you have access to a multi-directional control knob that lets you access all the major options, such as play, pause, shuffle, and volume adjustment, as well as the means, to turn the device on and off. It also has you covered in terms of taking calls and other functions associated with calling, such as reject or end, etc. All of this just will be possible at the simple touch of a button.

The Marshall Major III Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones come with custom-tuned 40 mm drivers, which have been one of its major selling points. It is responsible for the increased clarity and the superb texture of sound that you get while using this wireless headset daily. In terms of its design and build quality, it does not fail to impress, thanks to the ear cushions, slim hinges,

straight-fit headband, and thick loop wire, which has been further strengthened with rubber dampers. All of the aspects that we have discussed so far shed light on the amazing overall capacity of this product. And you should be convinced of this headphone’s capacity for delivering the best experience – just as we are.

JBL T460BT Extra Bass

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JBL is one of the heavyweights of the industry and requires no major introduction from us. They have been in the business for many years now and have developed a very loyal and widespread following among music enthusiasts for their speakers as well as headphones. The JBL T460BT Extra Bass Wireless On-Ear Headphones are a fine example of how JBL manages to seamlessly integrate style with substance, and thus has found a place in the hearts of many all over the world.

The JBL Pure Bass is something that has been hugely popularized in recent times, owing to the powerful punch that JBL devices manage to provide as a music player. JBL has an experience of over 70 years in generating that solid yet crystal-clear sound that has been used in countless venues all over the world. The JBL T460BT has thus managed to market itself very well as a “bass” earphone that is especially favorable to hardcore bass lovers.

The headset provides a maximum of more or slightly more than 11 hours of playback time at a stretch when it is fully charged and ready to go. To be able to get more than 11 hours of continuous audio on a single charge is no joke, and sets you up well for the entire day so that you can listen to your favorite tracks and enjoy them with uninterrupted satisfaction.

Even if we go into the matter of ergonomics, the JBL T460BT does not leave much to be desired. It has a very user-friendly and comfortable foldable design and is extremely lightweight as well, coming in at an overall body weight of around 299 grams only. The construction and build quality are powerful and durable, which ensures you have maximum protection. It also ensures that the folds and unfolds of the device are always fluid and don’t wear out over continuous usage throughout the years.

This earphone will also allow you to manage all your requirements related to calls and other functions to control various aspects of the music playback. Your investment in this will be safeguarded by a year’s worth of warranty. This wireless headphone is right up there with the best in the business, and we feel that it has what it takes to be crowned as the best wireless headphone in India.

Boat Rockerz 600

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The boat has emerged as one of the biggest sellers of electronic sound equipment in the subcontinent in the last ten years and has grown at a very rapid pace to give stern competition to many of its long-established market rivals. The boAt Rockerz 600 Bluetooth Headphone is a fine example of where they are now placed, thanks to their consistent delivery of the best and most economically efficient products that you can hope to find in the current market.

The first thing that strikes you about the boAt Rockerz 600 Bluetooth Headphone is that it has a marvelous design quality and build that is as stylish as it is durable. The use of state-of-the-art design patterns has enabled it to achieve both style and solidity. The smooth performance and crystal clear sound quality will leave you always wanting more, and you will enjoy the various tracks in your playlist like never before.

As a smart device, this headset gives you all the things that you would expect ideally. For instance, you have the built-in Alexa system that will make your experience much more streamlined and wholesome. The HD sound quality of the boAt Rockerz 600 Bluetooth Headphone is something that has emerged as a big positive talking point, and the super extra bass system further enhances your overall sound quality and texture.

Last but not least, the boAt Rockerz 600 Bluetooth Headphone comes with a powerful 300 mAh battery that is capable of allowing the device to last for up to 8 whole hours when it is in a fully charged state. Thus, all things considered, we believe in the quality of this device and trust it to give you the experience that you are looking for in the best wireless headphones in India.

Infinity (JBL) Glide 500

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We have reached the midway point in this list, and we have already covered quite a few really impressive value-for-money wireless headphones that you could invest in right away. At this point, we have another classic that has managed to rip the market, with countless users reporting it as one of the best headphones currently out there. Infinity (JBL) Glide 500 Wireless Headphones are capable of fulfilling all your expectations in terms of sound quality and performance.

This high-quality headphone is capable of giving you up to 20 hours of uninterrupted continuous playing time when it is in a fully charged condition. Also, it only takes around 2 hours or so to be fully charged, so you don’t have to use too much time charging this device. The dual equalizer system is a major asset for this wireless headset, as it gives you a much more wholesome and impactful musical experience. Irrespective of the genre and type of music that you are listening to, you will get the best of all worlds with sensational sound quality.

The powerful bass is the next thing worth speaking about in the case of these superb wireless earphones from JBL. The depth of the bass is something that many of its users have noted, and our experts have also classed it as quite extraordinary. In terms of connectivity, the wireless Glide 500 is compatible with virtually any device that has Bluetooth compatibility, such as laptops, smartphones tablets, etc. Also, making and managing calls is very easy and convenient with the Glide 500 from JBL.

Now we come to the questions relating to design and build quality. Here also, we see that the Glide 500 has been duly crafted with careful consideration for the most ergonomic usage possible. Not only does it have a very light overall body weight, but it is specifically engineered for the highest grade of comfort during extended usage periods.

The high tensile PP material and the design of the body ensure that it is capable of operating with the regular wear and tear that comes with daily usage. Also, the rotational pivot makes the ear cups extremely versatile and resilient and allows them to move on a multi-axis plane without issue. This also makes it a very comfortable fit while carrying it in your pocket or any other small space cavity.

It is also important to mention that the Glide 500 comes with a few other really impressive features which have captured the popular imagination and catapulted it into instant stardom.

These include features such as voice assistant integration with both Google Assistant as well as Siri.

Thus after all these detailed discussions, it should be clear to you why so many people have put their faith in this wireless headset and are now set to reap the rewards from their smart investment. We strongly feel that this device is worth investing in, and we are sure that it will not leave you feeling even a touch of disappointment or regret.

Mi Super Bass Wireless

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The Mi brand has arguably been a relative newcomer to the industry as and when compared to some of the other heavy hitters on this list. It has managed to produce a slew of different electronic products, which are of very high quality but are also very affordable as well for the average consumer in the subcontinent. Like some of the other devices on this list, this one too came with a very positive reputation and is keenly used by many enthusiastic music lovers all over the country.

The Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones will give you a total playback time of around 20 hours in a fully charged state and are also equipped with a high-performance in-built 40mm driver in the form of a large neodymium iron boron unit. This gives it a deep and impactful feeling and gives you the right vibes while listening to your favorite tracks. It also has large voice coils and diaphragms on the body of the headphones.

As far as the earmuffs are concerned, you have less pressure on your ears thanks to the soundproof PU material used. The cushion on the earmuffs is designed to take the maximum pressure and strain off your ears. Other important elements that further add weightage to the ergonomic design are the adjustable head beam and elastic shafts, which help in rotating the earmuffs to reduce blockage and manage problems related to improper fitting.

The all-new Bluetooth 5.0 is the main driver behind the success of this product, and it is sure to prudence faster and better connections spanning greater distances. You also have detailed vice control options that allow you to manage your musical experience better and with more ease and simplicity. The voice control options enable you to have access to hundreds of different playlists at the tip of your lips.

Boat Rockerz 450

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We have the second Boat product on this list here at number 8, and it is the boAt Rockerz 450 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone, which has managed to successfully stake its claim over a few other models to earn its rightful place on this list. We know that the brand boAt has recently emerged as the pantheon of excellence when it comes to providing the best music gadgets, at some of the most economical prices.

It comes with powerful, 40mm dynamic drivers that give you a great deal of texture and clarity in your sound while also increasing the impact and power of musical delivery. This gives you that unmatched feeling of immersion and lets you lose yourself in the music and escape the earthly boundaries of reality. The 300 mAh battery is another feather on its cap and it’s capable of making the headphone function for around 8 hours when fully charged.

Furthermore, the highly ergonomic design and body structure of this headset has won it many admirers. Comfortably placed ear muffs with a high-quality padding system ensure that you can keep listening to your favorite tracks uninterrupted without straining your ears even a tiny bit. It is also extremely lightweight and is, therefore also, hugely popular for travelers and those who are engaged in physical activities.

Some other useful elements of this wireless headset include easy access controls, a built-in microphone as well as voice assistant systems. All of this help to augment your overall experience and take it to a whole new different level. Not many headphones can claim to be value for money at this price, but this one surely does. It offers you all the essential tools which will help you in realizing the best and most comprehensive musical experience you have had, and that is why we feel that this one is surely worth a shot.

Fire-Boltt Blast

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We have reached the end of this list here today, and we have decided to put a somewhat lesser-known headset as the last entry on this list. Fire-Boltt has, in recent times, come up with quite a few outstanding wireless headsets, and this one is another example of its creative ingenuity when it comes to making the best wireless headphones.

The 40mm large-aperture drivers can deliver an exhilarating sound that has caught many of us off guard. The inner and outer rings of the headset are designed to give you the real power of the bass and that thumping sound, which is so crucial for people who want to enjoy the sound of bass drops.

The Bluetooth 6.0 system, as we have mentioned before, will bring notable improvements to the quality of your connections and also support a greater distance. It also comes with an adjustable headband, foldable ear cups, and cloud-soft protein ear pads, all of which cumulatively bring to you the otherworldly experience that is characteristic of this fantastic headset. It is also very lightweight and can be used extensively for a long time. The matte slider and the softly padded headband are designed in such a way that your ears will automatically slide right into place.

All in all, this is a great example of a highly rated and affordable wireless headphone that has managed to break the hegemony of the big brands to a certain extent. It is a potent earpiece and is built to give you the best and most engaging audio experience while listening to your favorite tracks or watching videos or movies with total immersion.


In this article today, we have looked at some of the best and most impressive wireless Bluetooth headphones available in the market, and we have tried to give you a comprehensive review of some of the best ones in the market currently. We have also discussed some of the important factors that require attention when it comes to choosing the right set of headphones.

We wish you the best in this endeavor of yours and hope that you find the best wireless headphones in India and enjoy the music to your heart’s content.

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